Animoca Brands’ treasury increased in value by 5X over two months

The firm has enjoyed tremendous success from its early plays on NFT game platforms and metaverses that provide digital equity to its users.

Metaverse and blockchain gaming firm Animoca Brands has revealed that its treasury increased in value by more than five times in just two months.

Other income, which includes gains on the more than 100 investments and digital assets in its portfolio, accounted for $529.6 million from January through Sept. 2021.

Animoca co-founder and chairman Yat Siu’s Dec. 9 letter to the Metaverse and NFT community said that its stack of tokens including REVV (REVV), The Sandbox (SAND), Tower (TOWER), and GAMEE (GMEE), had seen a big increase thanks to surging values in the sector.

“The reserve of digital assets belonging to the Animoca Brands ecosystem of products and platforms has risen from a value of about US $2.9 billion at the end of September 2021 to about US $15.9 billion at the end November 2021 — a more than five-fold increase in only two months.”

Each of these tokens is a blockchain GameFi or metaverse project. GameFi refers to projects that involve gaming, NFTs, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

To illustrate just how much Animoca’s two primary holdings, REVV and SAND, have increased in price, Siu explained that their combined monthly trading volume stood just behind the 2020 GDP of Greenland a year ago. The combined trading volume of those two tokens is now comparable to the 2021 GDP of Morocco or Slovakia, roughly $120 billion.

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The letter also revealed a philosophical bent in Animoca’s selection process for its investments. Siu said the Animoca team believes “that true digital ownership is the foundational block underpinning the entire open metaverse.”

“We do not see digital equity and inclusion as options; we see them as basic requirements.”

Animoca is set to maintain its lead on the NFT and metaverse market as it just launched a $200 million investment program with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This fund will be used to incubate crypto gaming projects on BSC.

Binance Smart Chain Partners With Animoca Brands in $200 Million Crypto Gaming Incubation Fund

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain, one of the leading smart contract platforms in the blockchain market, has partnered with Animoca Brands, operator and investor of several NFT based games, to launch a joint $200 million gamefi (financialization of gaming) incubation program. The two institutions will invest $100 million each to fund and ease the development of new gaming experiences on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance Smart Chain and Animoca Bet on Gamefi

Binance Smart Chain has a new tool to entice the development of new games on top of its platform. The acceleration and investing branch of the smart contract chain has partnered with Animoca Brands, one of the leading metaverse gaming firms, to establish a $200 million gaming incubation fund. Each one of the parties will put $100 million destined to fund projects focused on gaming on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Establishing these projects from scratch is a difficult thing, according to Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Animoca Brands Yat Siu, and requires an amalgamation of factors for building a successful project. On this, Siu stated:

Early Gamefi projects require funding to build their products, and need industry expertise for open-world gameplay and tokenomics, as well as networking opportunities to establish growth in the blockchain gaming and open metaverse.

Animoca Brands’ experience in building and operating projects like The Sandbox, a metaverse-based gaming experience, could help these newcomers to establish a foothold in the now crowded blockchain gaming market, according to Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at Binance Smart Chain.

Investment Firms Running to the Metaverse

Binance is just the one in a chain of projects that are putting serious money behind metaverse-based and crypto gaming initiatives. These $100 million will come from the $1 billion growth fund that the exchange launched earlier this year to incubate more projects on top of the BSC network.

There have been multiple companies and exchanges entering the metaverse business. One of them is Kucoin, an Asia-based exchange, which launched a $100 million metaverse fund to help young metaverse projects build their platforms. The whole metaverse sector has been vindicated by two important reports that explain the business opportunity that early adopters might catch within this newly identified sector.

The first one, issued on November 27, comes from Grayscale, which identified the metaverse as a one trillion dollar investment opportunity. The second one comes from a Bank of America strategist, who also stated the metaverse would be a massive opportunity for the entire crypto ecosystem.

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